Austin, TX, Mar 20, 2012 -- Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Xeris") announces today that it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 8,110,209, "Intracutaneous Injection." The new technology will enable biologics that are typically given as aqueous injections to be reformulated into a biocompatible, ultra-concentrated, non-aqueous suspension. Different from their predecessors, these suspensions can be directly injected without reconstitution saving time during medical emergencies related to Type 1 diabetes and epilepsy, among other diseases.
Dr. Steve Prestrelski, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Xeris, explains that this patent will support immediate and sustained release formulations. As part of Xeris' core technology platform "the ultra-concentrated suspensions will allow for simpler, more comfortable, pain-free injections improving patient care and quality of life."
Intracutaneous Injection has broad applications in the development of reformulated drug products. The technology will remove many of the barriers to patients starting and maintaining injectable therapies, many of which include medications that are inherently unstable in aqueous solutions.
The first application of this formulation technology will be the development of an injectable form of diazepam for the emergency treatment of seizures. Currently, a standard treatment for cluster seizures involves the use of diazepam as a rectal gel which can be complex and burdensome. The patent will also be used for development of products across drug classes including peptides, proteins, and small molecules. Funding support has been garnered from the Epilepsy Therapy Project and the Epilepsy Foundation to support work with this new patent.


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