Do you know what medication switching means? It's switching from one manufacturer's formulation of an antiepileptic drug (AED) to another. The switch can be between different manufacturer's versions of the same generic drug, from generic to the brand-name drug, or from the brand-name drug to a generic. It can also be caused by a switch from one manufacturer's formulation of its antiepileptic drug to a new formulation of the same drug.

Want to know more about any benefits and potential risks of medication switching? Want to know what to do if you've had any negative side effects as a result of medication switching? 

This is your opportunity to "Ask the Expert" questions relating to medication switching. Dr. James McAuley, an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at The Ohio State University, can offer some answers to your questions. Post your question for Dr. McAuley here: AskTheExpert@efa.org

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