We wanted to make you aware of a new website: www.puttingpatientsfirst.net that is a brand new resource for consumers navigating the healthcare exchangesAs you know there are less than 30 days to help people who are looking, find the right insurance plan that meets their health and budget needs.   


PuttingPatientsFirst.net is a new website from the National Health Council with tools to help people understand the different plan designs and how they can significantly impact out-of-pocket costs.


Putting Patients First includes 4 major components:

1. Estimate My Costs. Illustrates how an individual’s total annual health care spending, including out-of-pocket costs for drugs, can vary based on health insurance plan selection.

2. Explore My Options. Provides a series of patient examples to demonstrate the important decisions a person must make when choosing a health insurance plan through the marketplace.

3. Answer My Questions. Informs patients and family caregivers about health care reform and helps people make the right decisions about health insurance that meets their unique health and budget needs.

4. Share My Story. Allows patients to share their experiences navigating the marketplace and provide input on the successes and challenges of health care coverage expansion. This feedback will help improve the health insurance marketplace over time.


You will even find helpful tool kits and check lists from some of our own partners’ national chapters! 

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