The Epilepsy Foundation is launching a new partnership, called the Human Epilepsy Project, in collaboration with the Epilepsy Study Consortium. This study, the Human Epilepsy Project 2: Resistant Focal Seizures (HEP2) is designed to better understand the challenges of living with focal seizures that do not respond to medication and determine biomarkers of epilepsy severity and treatment response.  The HEP2 study will monitor 200 people with treatment-resistant focal epilepsy (with seizures that occur at least 4 times per month) over a two year period to measure changes in seizure frequency, treatments used, adverse events, presence of comorbidities such as depression and anxiety, healthcare costs, and quality of life.  

Participants can join the HEP2 study at any of nine recruiting study epilepsy centers selected because of their track record of conducting high-quality research in epilepsy and efficiently recruiting participants into studies.  The designated nine sites for the HEP2 study are located in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Tennessee in the United States, and, in Finland.

Study participants will be asked to track their seizures, symptoms and medications using My Seizure Diary, a self-management web tool developed by the Epilepsy Foundation specifically for seizures and epilepsy.  In addition, participants will need to share their medical records with the research investigators and travel to the clinical site two or three times over the course of the study for health visits and blood samples. A participant may enroll in the HEP2 study but continue to receive their standard epilepsy care with their current physician.

Help us learn more about epilepsy by sharing your experience. Join the Human Epilepsy Project today! Call 1-800-332-1000, email info@humanepilepsyproject.org or visit www.HEPStudy.org to learn more.

Contact us here in Connecticut at 860-346-1924 if you would like a brochure for this study! 

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