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Jacob is a ten year old active boy currently in fifth grade. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age six. 2010 was an exciting year for Jacob. He was in first grade and enjoying being at school all day while finally participating in activities his older brothers had enjoyed. He became a Tiger Cub Scout, took part in after school enrichment activities, and played a variety of sports. On the day before winter vacation, Jacob was enjoying a Valentine’s party with his class during a school wide celebration. After lunch he was playing with his friends during indoor recess when he fell over in his chair. His friends called him to clean up, but Jacob did not respond. What resulted was his first tonic-clonic seizure. After a trip to the hospital and no explanation for the cause, we were sent home to rest and follow up with the pediatrician.  The pediatrician was stumped as well. It took Jacob the entire vacation to fully recover from the seizure and return to his normal activities. The day he returned back to school, he had a second tonic-clonic seizure in the car on the way to school. We returned to the hospital and once again did not receive any definitive answers. Jacob was prescribed Keppra and returned home to rest and recover.  After the third seizure he was seen by a pediatric neurologist who ordered  an MRI was performed and an EEG. The MRI was clear yet the EEG showed unusual brain activity consistent with Epilepsy. Further tests were performed and Keppra was increased.

     Jacob had a few months where he was tired, easily frustrated and struggled with school work. His medication was changed to Lamictal, and he seemed happier and more focused. His medication has been controlling his seizures, although he may be experiencing unnoticed absence seizures. He still struggles with school, however he excels in sports. He is currently on a year round travel soccer team, he has played in the Police Athletic League Basketball League with older children and just completed a little league season being chosen as an all-star player.

     Jacob sees the neurologist every four to six months and is learning to ask questions and understand his health better. He also has a yearly 24 hour EEG, which is not his favorite adventure but gives us all insight to what is going on in his brain. He likes to share his experience with his class at school while in the hospital giving his classmates a look at what he is going through to learn more about his experience with Epilepsy. The class has been very receptive and understanding.  Being accepted has always been an issue for Jacob, and he is finding ways to be a part of the group while educating them in his own way. He looks forward to an exciting last year in elementary school while participating in all his sporting endeavors. We would like to thank Dr. Madan Cohen and Sherri St. Pierre

for always looking out for Jacob's best interests while giving him hope for a seizure free future.

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