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I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to come to my school and present on seizure disorders. It was helpful and I really appreciated your... Harriett, School Nurse

Parent & Family Telephone Network Online Registration
This unique program links parents and families together so they can gain support and knowledge, share their experiences, talk and listen, while futhering their understanding of epilepsy. Complete the form below to register for the Parent and Family Telephone Network.

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Best Way to Contact: Phone E-mail
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I am Available to Speak With Others About: Seizures
Tonic Clonic Absence Complex Partial
Simple Partial Infantile Spasms



Vagus Nerve Stimulator

Ketogenic Diet

Epilepsy Syndrome
Benign Rolandic Lennox Gastaut Dravet Syndrome
Juvenile Myolonic Other:

School Issues
IEP 504 Plan Transition


Teen Issues

Young Adult Issues
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