Epilepsy Education Programs in Connecticut

A variety of education programs are offered to provide accurate information about seizures, appropriate first aid techniques, treatment options, and psychosocial issues. All educational services are free of charge.

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Epilepsy Training and Education

Upcoming Seizure First Aid Certification Training

The Seizure Recognition and First Aid certification training provides information to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence in recognizing seizures and safely administering seizure first aid.

All trainings are conducted virtually from 7-8:15PM using Zoom. Please register by clicking on the links. You will then receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

September 2nd, 2021
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October 4th, 2021
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Seizure First Aid Training

Community Education

  • Seniors

    Seniors & Seizures Training is designed to provide caregivers and staff of adult day care centers, senior centers, long-term facilities, nursing homes, and other senior-serving organizations with strategies to better recognize and respond to seizures among older adults.

  • First Responders

    Training and resources for First Responders to better understand how to recognize and respond to someone having a seizure. This program can be tailored for EMS or Law Enforcement personnel.

  • Workplace Training

    Work Site In Services provides information about epilepsy, proper first aid, and legal concerns to employers and employees.

  • Camp Alert

    Alert provides camp counselors and other adults of the camp community information so they can provide a fun and safe camp experience for kids with epilepsy.

  • Individuals & Families

    We can provide training for an individual or family interested in learning more about epilepsy, types of seizures, or care and comfort first aid to assist someone with epilepsy or other seizure conditions.

School Education

  • School Nurses

    The School Nurse Training Program provides up to date information for school nurses regarding medications, treatments, and re-education on the facts about epilepsy.

  • School Personnel

    Seizure Training For School Personnel is an interactive course designed to help promote a positive social and educational environment in schools for students living with epilepsy.

  • Child Care

    Seizure Training for Child Care Personnel is a program designed specifically for child care providers giving them the necessary information to effectively handle seizures in a day care setting.

  • Take Charge

    Take Charge is an epilepsy awareness program for students in grade K-12 designed to dispel myths and reduce the perceived stigma associated with epilepsy.

Certification Training Programs

  • Seizure Recognition And First Aid

    Contains information and activities on seizures, epilepsy and seizure first aid. The first aid procedures in the guide reflects the standard of knowledge and current best practices. This information is presented in a format suited for direct training of the public. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a two-year certification. This training program is available through in person sessions or live webinars through digital platforms.

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