Living Well With Epilepsy

Overview of the Wellness Institute
Epilepsy & the Dimensions of Wellness
Practical Steps for Improving Wellness

Date: 9/26/19
Presenter: Cate Brocker, APRN
Epilepsy Foundation of America
Wellness Institute Director

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Disability Disclosure & Employment

At what point in the job application and hiring process should you disclose information about your medical condition or disability? What is a reasonable accommodation? Learn answers to these questions and more, whether you are job searching or currently employed.

Date: March 21, 2019
Presenter: Amy Corbett Dion, Esq
Greater Hartford Legal Aid

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Employment Discrimination & Epilepsy

It is not uncommon for individuals with Epilepsy to be experience discrimination in their place of employment.  Often people do not know what action to take if they are treated unfairly or even terminated from a job due to their seizures. We want all our clients to understand their rights under the Americans with Disability Act and what to do should they experience discrimination in the work place.

Date: 5/10/19
Presenter: Amy Corbett Dion, Esq.
Greater Hartford Legal Aid

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