Understanding Anti-Epileptic Drugs

A partnership with SK Life Sciences, Hartford Hospital Ayer Neuroscience Center, and UCONN Health.  Dr. Gabriel Martz, MD and John Greenfield, MD co-facilitate a presentation on the different types of AEDs and how they work to treat seizures. Dr. Martz and Dr. Greenfield will highlight some of the newer drugs, including emergency medications currently available to patients.


Date: 11/16/20


Gabriel Martz, MD HHC Ayer Neuro Science Center

John Greenfield, MD UCONN Health


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Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy: A New Treatment Option for Medically Refractory Epilepsy

An overview on seizures and epilepsy followed by an introduction on Deep Brain Stimulation or (DBS), a new treatment option for medically refractory epilepsy.


Date: 4/23/2020

Lawrence Hirsch, MD

Jason Gerrard, MD Yale Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

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