Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut is excited to bring you the opportunity to express yourself through art as part of a multi-week art therapy program. You’ll work with art therapists and other people with epilepsy in a group setting to create artistic pieces using a variety of mediums, strengthen your artistic voice and learn from others in an open, welcoming environment.  Your artwork may also help raise awareness about the realities of life with epilepsy.

More than 2,000 people from across the country have participated in Studio E since it was introduced in 2011. Don’t miss your chance to experience this meaningful art therapy program.

Both funding and participant interest will determine availability of this program.  If your child is interested in Studio E please let us know.  This may encourage us to start a program in your part of the state!!

For more information please contact:
Monica Anzelone monica@epilepsyct.com or 860-346-1924.

Admission:  Free, a limited amount of space available.
  Please note that this program is offered exclusively to people with epilepsy.

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