Do you have episodes of blank stares, loss of consciousness, convulsions, or seizures?

Epilepsy Education from the VA is provided via conference calls on a quarterly basis. For more information click here.

Celebrating Purple Day at the West Haven VA.

Did you know?
Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)  is a common cause of post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE)
19.5% of the U.S. military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan reported possible TBI
PTE is a seizure disorder that is caused by TBI.
The Risk of PTE increases with the severity of the TBI.
The Epilepsy Foundation of CT and the VA Epilepsy Center of Excellence can help you manage living with seizures

The VA Northeast Epilepsy Center of Excellence can help answer your questions about whether or not you have seizures.

For veterans who have had seizures we provide comprehensive care including:

  • Advanced diagnostic tools to determine if you have seizures or not

  • Experts in both medical and surgical treatments of seizures

  • Experts in the assessment and management of Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Mental health and behavioral services for people with Epilepsy as well as Non-Epileptic    Pseudoseizures

  • Our VA also helps veterans reintegrate into the community by providing social work, vocational and occupational therapy.

  • For those of you who live far away, we will be able to provide care through Video and Teleconferencing

For more information about the VA ECoE visit or call the West Haven VA at (203) 932-5711 x4724.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut has partnered with the West Haven VA Epilepsy Center of Excellence to educate physicians and veterans about the correlation between Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Epilepsy.

Resources are now available for veteran's and their families to understand TBI and PTE. The Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy Guide is available here or you can request a copy by emailing our office at

Veteran's living in Vermont please visit

Veteran's living in Massachusettes, Maine, New Hampshire or Rhode Island visit

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