If you would like to join others in sharing experiences, gaining peer support and learning together about epilepsy and overcoming challenges to live well with epilepsy, join us!  Group topics to be included: Goals and Aspirations, Healthy Relationships, Identity & Self-image, Depression & Anxiety, & Facing & Overcoming Challenges. 

This group was created specifically for those aged 18-30 with an Epilepsy diagnosis.  Meet the support group leader below.

"My name is Paige Marinelli and I am thrilled to be the Epilepsy Foundation group leader for young adults! I too am a young adult with epilepsy, and I am currently working towards my MSW so that I can further assist and empower those with epilepsy and individuals with disabilities. I am also a certified health coach as well as a high school soccer coach. My hope for this group is that together, we will create a welcoming, supportive community where every person feels comfortable to discuss their own challenges around epilepsy, build confidence, celebrate victories, and work towards their goals. As an individual experiencing some of the same challenges you are, you can be certain that I will be supportive, empathetic, and encouraging at every meeting. I truly look forward to supporting you all on your own unique journeys."

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