Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk for Epilepsy

Sharon's Ride Run Walk for Epilepsy in ConnecticutPlease make a donation to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut so they can continue to provide education, recreation, support, information and advocacy to the more than 60,000 people in Connecticut living with epilepsy. Thank You!

Please mail check/cash donations to:

Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut
386 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457-3360

Or use the form below to make any type of donation.

Shoreline Shakers

We are The Shoreline Shakers!! Doing what we can as a group to "Shake the Stigma out of Epilepsy"!! We meet at 6:30pm, the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Fairview, 235 Lestertown Road in Groton, CT!! We would love for you to help us Shake the Stigma or come meet our awesome group! GO SHAKERS!!

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Team "Shoreline Shakers " Donations ($2,285.00)
Donated to Donor Name Donation Notes Amount
Team Martin Fahey $75.00
Team Wayne Orio $100.00
Team Joseph Gaffney $100.00
Team Chris, Jackie and Jay Bake the shake! $50.00
Team Michele Morgan Go Shakers!!!! $100.00
Team Gloria Nelson Get Moving & have Fun!!! Good luck.. $20.00
Team Richard Furst Great job, "Shoreline Shakers"- Shake 'em up! $30.00
Team Michele Abbazia Go Heather! Have fun everyone! $25.00
Team Firmins Garage $50.00
Team Leslie Nitsch Good luck! $25.00
Team Adele Grace What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela $50.00
Team joan kiley Good Luck! $25.00
Team Scott Lynch $35.00
Team Kathleen Waszczak $25.00
Team Chris Patsiga Best of luck Heather. Great effort for a great cause. $200.00
Team Sherry Cutler Go Shoreline Shakers! Love you all!!! Thank you for making a difference! <3 $50.00
Team John Hickey 'Counting' on you.. no beans about it $20.00
Team Jennifer Siani You go Heather. Have fun everyone! Undisclosed
Team Raquel Walton shake it up WAZ $25.00
Team Jeanne Snow $25.00
Team Jan Terris My pleasure to help out, Heather...God bless... $25.00
Team Recovery Zone $50.00
Team Cindy Malone Now here's a flash from the past.... Shake it like a Polaroid Picture!! If I lived closer I would be out there shaking it with you... $25.00
Team Douglas Frommer Go get em' Shakers! From the Frommer 5 Undisclosed
Team Terry McCoy Go for it Heather!!! $25.00
Team Susan Ward You guys rock!! $100.00
Team Mair & Dwight Campbell "Move like you stole it!" Good luck to all of you and we hope you enjoy your time as much as you shake up the stigma! $25.00
Team David Moore $35.00
Team Donald and Brenda MacRae We are Family, Go Shakers! $100.00
Murallo, Joe Statewide Bail Bonds LLC $25.00
Murallo, Zachary Beth Murallo $10.00
Murallo, Zachary Jennifer Lamphere $15.00
Murallo, Zachary Erica Bancroft $5.00
Murallo, Zachary Phil Fastini $5.00
Murallo, Zachary Andrew Virgo $5.00
Murallo, Zachary Emily Billet $20.00
Murallo, Zachary Mary & Anthony $5.00
Murallo, Zachary Jennifer Goaness $10.00
Murallo, Zachary Kimberly Kelvin $10.00
Murallo, Zachary Stacey Hancock $5.00
Murallo, Zachary Joseph Strazzo $5.00
Murallo, Chelsea John Kerby $20.00
Murallo, Chelsea Carole Ives $10.00
Murallo, Chelsea Leslie Hardy $15.00
Murallo, Chelsea Jane Kanabis $25.00
Murallo, Chelsea Carolyn Sregel $25.00
Murallo, Chelsea Penny Weber $20.00
Murallo, Chelsea Diane Briggo $20.00
Murallo, Chelsea Denise $20.00
Murallo, Chelsea Ron Lynch $10.00
Murallo, Chelsea Joel Malloy $20.00
Murallo, Chelsea Jennifer Mingo $40.00
Murallo, Chelsea Deirdre Tavares $20.00
Waszczak, Heather Red Thread Techilepsy Group Go get 'em! $110.00
Waszczak, Heather Lin Stark Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz $15.00
Waszczak, Heather Bruno Jugovic $10.00
Waszczak, Heather Christopher Waszczak What you guys do is very important and epilepsy awareness needs to be out there. You go girl!! Love, Dad $60.00
Waszczak, Heather Tim Bourn Go get 'em Waz! $25.00
Waszczak, Heather Anonymous $20.00
Waszczak, Heather Brenda Stevens $20.00
Waszczak, Heather Peter Matiasic $20.00
Waszczak, Heather Waz's Phan Club Have Phun!! <3 :) <3 $100.00
Waszczak, Heather larry davis $50.00
Weeks, Elizabeth Tricia Cunningham $20.00

Team "Shoreline Shakers " Members (20) (Includes family)
Name Walk, Run, or Ride Donations Received
Corson, Brian Walk $0.00
Fritchman, Cindy (2) Walk $0.00
Jackson, Rebecca Walk $0.00
Johnson, Nicole (2) Walk $0.00
MacRae, Brenda (4) Walk $0.00
McNamara, Brenna Walk $0.00
Murallo, Joe Walk $0.00
Murallo, Zachary Walk $0.00
Murallo, Chelsea Walk $0.00
Stidman-Carpenter, Lesli Walk $0.00
Ulschak, Heather Walk $0.00
Waszczak, Heather Walk $0.00
Weeks, Elizabeth (2) Walk $0.00
Williams, Kathy Walk $0.00

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