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Sharon's Ride Run Walk for Epilepsy in ConnecticutPlease make a donation to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut so they can continue to provide education, recreation, support, information and advocacy to the more than 60,000 people in Connecticut living with epilepsy. Thank You!

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Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut
386 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457-3360

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Max: The Amazing Race

Each family’s struggle with epilepsy is different. Epilepsy does not discriminate, and it doesn’t tell you ahead of time how and when it’s going to strike. The great thing about the Epilepsy Foundation of CT is that it is there for every family affected by epilepsy. From the very beginning, the Foundation offers support, provides information and resources, teaches faculty at schools, and visits hospitals and doctor’s offices. Had we known about the Foundation, particularly the Parent Support Group it runs, when Max was born our early journey would have been much different. We would have been able to connect with other families going through what we were to know what we were feeling was normal, was ok. We could have connected with families further along in their journeys or adults with epilepsy living fulfilling lives which would have provided us with the hope and positive outlook that we so desperately needed at the time. Our families could have received support to know more about Max’s emergency medication, what a seizure looked like and just how to help us go through what we were going through. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t have felt so isolated. Now through the Foundation, that Parent Group and our work with The Purple Pumpkin Project, we’ve connected with multiple families, two of whom have babies dealing with the very same life-altering diagnosis that Max had and we are able to pay it forward. We are able to show them who Max has become, even though we were told he may never thrive. We’re able to tell them that he’s in first grade at a regular public school, and can read. We can tell them that yes, he receives hours of Speech Therapy, but at least he can talk and loves to sing (Katy Perry is his absolute favorite). He receives hours of Occupational Therapy, but he can write his name. He gets to take two gym classes (every six year old boy’s dream!); the first so he can practice the skills, and the second so he can demonstrate them with the rest of his class. We can let them know he’s recognized on his soccer team and in his summer camp for his beaming smile and his new blue glasses. We can show them that while the doctors are presenting you with unknowns and tests and grave outlooks that their child can still accomplish anything. While we’ve been lucky to not struggle with seizures for the last two years (knock on wood, please, everyone, knock on wood), there have been other battles we’ve been fighting. The support of the Foundation has been instrumental in helping us connect with other families to get advice and recommendations. Please consider making a donation to our team, Max: The Amazing Race to help other families gain access to the wealth of resources the Epilepsy Foundation of CT has to offer.

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Team "Max: The Amazing Race " Donations ($5,512.14)
Donated to Donor Name Donation Notes Amount
Team Thomas Undercuffler $10.00
Team Christine Holzinger Late but heartfelt good wishes to inspiring to see how amazing All of you are! $95.00
Team Candace Bowering $50.00
Team Jody Yeskey Go Max!! $25.00
Team Vin and Shari Parillo Have a great and successful walk! $25.00
Team Patrick and Erin Kelly $100.00
Team Meara Murphy Go Team Max!!! Undisclosed
Team Ian and Kris-Ann Race $250.00
Team Kathy Oryell Good Luck! $25.00
Team Marie Jeffery Good Luck!!!!! $25.00
Team Jason Lineen Go Max! $100.00
Team Richard Dinda $25.00
Team Janae & Chris Barrett $25.00
Team The Deehan Family $50.00
Team Emily and Zachary McElroy $50.00
Team Karin Daly Go Max! $50.00
Team Chris Doherty $40.00
Team Cheryl Miola Go team Max! $25.00
Team Erin Vecsey For Max $20.00
Team Uncle Jeres & Aunt Andrea $100.00
Team Kaitlin MacDonald Good luck to Max and the entire Race family! -Ms. Kaitlin $25.00
Team Laurie Mills Keep on Racing!! Have a great day, from the CIMS team at Aetna. $25.00
Team Jan Lasher For Max's race on Saturday Good Luck Jan Lasher $20.00
Team Scott and Jaclyn Leutze $50.00
Team The Krajewski You ARE the Amazing Races! $100.00
Team Sam Czarnecki To my good friend Max. Have a great walk. Your buddy Sam. $10.00
Team Diane Dornfried $20.00
Team Heidi & Abby Wilson You guys are amazing. Go Max! $100.00
Team Lara Larese-Therrien $25.00
Team Nancy Hoss $10.00
Team Marleen Washington $20.00
Team Jim Hyland $10.00
Team Peggy Angell $20.00
Team Vern and Sandy Pindar $25.00
Team Banks Willis Go Max! $100.00
Team Serge and Kathy Beaudoin Go Team Max!!!!! $50.00
Team Pamela Holley $30.00
Team Arlie Papit You are awesome, Max and Team! $35.00
Team Melissa Farwell and Family Sorry we will not be there to walk with you! GO TEAM MAX! $30.00
Team Pam Leutze $25.00
Team Marcia Haskell Go Team Max! We all miss you at Philips Ian. $50.00
Team Jennifer McLean Go, Team Max! Undisclosed
Team Beth Sayers $25.00
Team DeFosses family Thinking of the AMAZING Team Max!!! You rock! $25.00
Team Ilene Serpa Go Max! Go Race Family! $100.00
Team Molly Donovan $50.00
Team Susan Cunningham Good luck to you all! What a great team effort! $25.00
Team Anonymous Undisclosed
Team Rich Fabian $25.00
Team marsha sanders I think all the Races are pretty amazing to do this! Good luck to all. Marsha $30.00
Team Greg and Karen Levy Have a great walk this year. $30.00
Team Sabrina Race $100.00
Team Kimberly D Miles $50.00
Team Becky Gibson Have an awesome walk! Undisclosed
Team Cathe Gavelek Go Team Max! $50.00
Team The Griswold family Go Team Max! $25.00
Team Linda Fournier Good luck to Gail and all of the amazing racers!! $25.00
Team Jill Serra Good luck! I hope you have a sunny day for the walk. $25.00
Team Dan Doherty $50.00
Team The Woodburys GO AMAZING RACES!!!! $100.00
Team Helen and Bruce Boyd Go Team Max! Have a great walk. $25.00
Team The Goulding family Go Max! $50.00
Team brez Undisclosed
Team Rai Marullo $5.00
Team Monica Bird $5.00
Team Sue Nokes $20.00
Team Carolyn Freeman $50.00
Team Kathy Sole $20.00
Team Irene Young $10.00
Team Jeffrey Zacchio $20.00
Team Rita Violette $5.00
Team Carla Rodriguez $30.00
Team Sue Prasser $10.00
Team Wanda Fedesco $25.00
Team Lissette Espinosa $10.00
Team Ellen Daley $20.00
Team Priscilla Cosgrove $10.00
Team Rick Basiaga $7.00
Team Christine Koh So honored to support your family and this wonderful cause. $25.00
Team Monica McAteer Go Max! $25.00
Team Jane Conter Go, Max! You ARE amazing! $100.00
Team Cheryl Prigodich I love always reading about The Amazing Races! Have a great walk! $25.00
Team Caty Trio Go, amazing Races! :) $25.00
Team Christina Shaw Max's Amazing Race... A very good cause $30.00
Team Ken and Cherie Baker For Max! $50.00
Team Rob and Mariann Fitch Enjoy the walk! $25.00
Team Carl Veilleux $35.00
Team Francine Beaudoin To a a real trooper love $25.00
Team Shannon Kelly Tam Glad to contribute! And glad you have such a great support network. $25.00
Team Mimi & Grampie For Max the Amazing Race. Love Mimi & Grampie $100.00
Team Tony & Betty Ustanowski to add to the race $25.00
Team Molly Donovan Go Max!!! $50.00
Team Marie Blaszczyk for Max $20.00
Team Jon & Diane Tilton Go MAX!!! $50.00
Team John & Christine Capodice $25.00
Team Roseann Hauschulz Good luck in your mission! Undisclosed
Team Suzanne Kissane Good luck, Ian! I'll be thinking of you and your family. Hope all is well! Undisclosed
Team Tracey Centola $30.00
Team Valerie & Richard Cannon Best of luck and enjoy the walk! $25.00
Team Paul & Norma Stefanik Enjoy the walk. $25.00
Team Amy McCoy In support of The Amazing Max Race! Undisclosed
Team Tracey Centola Good luck Max! $30.00
Team Cory Ludington Good luck Max! $50.00
Team Samantha Kilgore For Max, from Junior! $20.00
Team ben+Patti Haag happy to be a sponsor. Best of luck...and hope it doesn't snow on race day! $100.00
Team Pete & Tina Murphy Go Max !!! $50.00
Team Brian & Heather Melillo Good luck! Undisclosed
Team Dan & Gail Race We love you to the moon and back, Max! xxoo Grandpa and Grandma $100.00
Team douglas shaller Go Max! $25.00
Team Michelle Go Team Max! Undisclosed
Team Beth and T.J. Steele Good luck! $50.00
Team Kristen Harrall $25.00
Team Ray Hernandez Undisclosed
Team Steve Kelly $100.00
Team Phillip Gorneault $20.00
Team Jerry Feldott For Max $20.00
Race, Ian Bill Attwood Good Luck! $50.00
Race, Ian Kathy Vigneault $30.00
Race, Ian Max: The Amazing Race Have a great walk. $100.00
Race, Gail Josephine Slusz $75.00
Race, Gail Alan and Susan Bookman $50.00
Race, Gail Mark DiLoreto Keep up the great work! $100.00
Race, Gail Anne Holjes Hope you have a great day! Undisclosed
Race, Gail Maria Zimmermann What a beautiful boy. So happy to see Max's progress and the support of his family participating every year in this event. Undisclosed
Race, Jeremy Carol & Doug Farwell Undisclosed
Race, Jeremy Lisa Nightingale Go Max! $25.00

Team "Max: The Amazing Race " Members (20) (Includes family)
Name Walk, Run, or Ride Donations Received
Avanecean, Donna (2) Walk $0.00
Beaudoin, Linda Walk $0.00
Beaudoin, John Walk $0.00
Kelly, Patrick (4) Walk $0.00
Mercier, Dave (4) Walk $0.00
Race, Ian (3) Walk $0.00
Race, Gail (2) Walk $0.00
Race, Jeremy (3) Walk $0.00

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