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Max: The Amazing Race

(Max wanted to write our story this year.)

Team Max: The Amazing Race is ready to walk! Hi! I'm Max Race. I am in 4th grade (in Mrs. Wolf's class) and am 9 years old. In school I like to do math, especially decimals. I like Mrs. Wolf a lot because she is a great teacher. School is easy for me because I have Mrs. Hogan. She is my paraprofessional and she helps me have good behavior and finish my work. I take breaks with her during the day because I get tired and need to go to a quieter place. Sometimes places like the cafeteria or my classroom are too loud. When I'm at school I also see other people who help me like Miss Cyr in Resource Room 8, Mrs. Condon who helps me with physical therapy and Mrs. Cotter who helps me with hand exercises. Mrs. Dowling helps me with speech. My favorite part of speech is on Thursdays when I get to invite a friend to Lunch Bunch. On Fridays, Mr. Lemay helps me with an extra gym class so I can learn the skills. I also go to Hospital for Special Care for swimming lessons, more OT and speech.

When I'm not in school I love to listen to Lite 100.5, check sports scores and watch Special Agent Oso and Chuggington.

Please donate money to my walk team because the Epilepsy Foundation is helpful.

(Now this is Mom writing.) Don't let Max fool you, school is not always easy. This school year has been “easy" because of his AMAZING team, but it still has its fair share of tears, negotiations and gentle reminders about making good choices.

This year, your donation is more important than ever. We fear what changing budgets and priorities mean for families like ours. Your dollars will help the Foundation fight for kids like Max to attend school field trips, which they may not have otherwise done because of the need to have, and potentially use, emergency seizure medications. Your dollars will help the Foundation work with parents whose kids have been told they can’t attend after-school enrichments because of their epilepsy. Your dollars will help the foundation connect newly diagnosed people with the doctors, medications and community resources they need to survive. Your dollars will help send kids to camp and provide their parents with respite. Your dollars will help.

Thank you for supporting The Epilepsy Foundation of CT and for being part of our team.

Watch this short video ( to see how the Foundation helps Max and our family, as well as the 60,000 other people across the state who are affected by epilepsy.

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Team "Max: The Amazing Race " Donations ($4,954.02)
Donated to Donor Name Donation Notes Amount
Team Medtronics Matching Gift $500.00
Team Lois Ustanowski $50.00
Team Mark Mercier $50.00
Team Jeanne & Sean Hogan Go Max! I wish I could walk with you, have a great day! $25.00
Team Ian & Kris-Ann Race $250.00
Team Jeremy Race $25.00
Team Baby John Undisclosed
Team The Heneghan Family GO MAX!! Love the G's! Undisclosed
Team Carla Rodriguez $25.00
Team Jim Hyland $20.00
Team Monica Bird $10.00
Team Evelyn Nogiec Love the Races!!! $50.00
Team Rick & Shannon Krajewski GO MAX! Cheering you and your team on from the West Coast! You have the best team- especially those great parents of yours! XOXO $100.00
Team T.J. and Beth Steele $100.00
Team Uncle Jeres and Auntie Andrea Go Max! $100.00
Team Marcia Haskell GO Max and Team!! $50.00
Team Gina Mangiaracina $25.00
Team Phillip Gorneault $25.00
Team Jason LaMay Go Max! Hope you had a great walk! $50.00
Team Beth van Slyke $25.00
Team Peter and Nancy Hansen Go Team Max and best wishes for a beautiful day! $25.00
Team Linda Beaudoin Go Maximo, the Amazing Race! Love Mimi & Grampie $100.00
Team Alan and Susan Bookman All the best to you, Max. $50.00
Team Darren & Pam Sinofsky Go Team Max! $50.00
Team john breslin $20.17
Team Diane Dornfried Best Wishes for your event! $25.00
Team Shannon Tam Sending my love to the Amazing Races. $30.00
Team Dan Doherty $75.00
Team Donna Conner $50.00
Team Irene Hillstrand $20.00
Team Jeffrey Zacchio $40.00
Team Tom & Tina Undercuffler $25.00
Team Sue Nokes $20.00
Team Lisa Mayer $10.00
Team Angie Lam $25.00
Team Anthony & Josephine Slusz $75.00
Team Jill Serra Good luck! I am hoping for nice weather!! $25.00
Team Johnathan Feldman My cousins gave me another 20.00$ to donate. $20.00
Team Heather Melillo Best of luck with the walk!!!! Undisclosed
Team Bernabeo Family Go Max! We're happy to support you and your family on your amazing race! $50.00
Team Heidi and Abby Wilson Max- you are an AMAZING Race! Hugs to you and your family... $100.00
Team Sarah Francomano My favorite team of all time - Go Max! $33.33
Team Sandra Pindar GO MAX!! $30.00
Team Ben + Patti Haag go Granny go!!!!! $100.00
Team Gene and Joan lamoureux Go max go $30.00
Team Scott and Jaclyn Leutze Go Team Max!!! $50.00
Team David Metzler Keep up the great job! $100.00
Team The McCoy Family Honored to Support Max in his "Amazing Race"! $25.00
Team Rebecca Czarnecki Go Team Max! Your Friend Sam $25.00
Team Janae Barrett $25.00
Team Kathleen Oryell Good Luck! $50.00
Team Caty Trio Go Amazing Races! :) $50.00
Team Kathy Alexander Loved reading about Max $50.00
Team Linda Fournier $50.00
Team Christine Capodice $25.00
Team Denise Mitchell I miss you Gail Race... $25.00
Team The Augers Go Max!!! We had to throw in some decimals for you! :-) $50.52
Team Mark DiLoreto Good Luck and God Bless! Undisclosed
Team Val & Dick Cannon Good Luck to Max: The Amazing Race team. ROCK ON!! $25.00
Team Bob & Roseann Hauschulz Have a great race! Undisclosed
Team Lucy Baker Hope you have an Amazing day and reach your goal quickly!! Blessings!!! $20.00
Team Maria Max, Your story touched my heart. Your accomplishments are inspiring and you continue to progress with the love and support of your family, friends and teachers. Keep it up, and make all your dreams come true. Undisclosed
Team Marie Blaszczyk Go Team Max! $20.00
Team Paul & Norma Stefanik Have a great day. Good luck, Max. $25.00
Team Ken and Cherie Baker Go Max, The Amazing Race Team! $50.00
Team Serge and Kathy Beaudoin Go Max !! Keep Smiling !! $50.00
Team Mariann Fitch Go team Max! Best Wishes! Mariann and Rob Fitch $20.00
Team Carolyn Freeman Have a great walk! Thinking of you! Undisclosed
Team Helen and Bruce Boyd Go Team Max! $50.00
Team Peter, Tina Murphy Go Max !!! $50.00
Team Fischers Go Race family! Love what you wrote, Max. ❤ $50.00
Team Dorothy & Steve Prigodich We hope you have beautiful weather for the walk. Sorry we can't make it this year. Steve and Dorothy Undisclosed
Team Dennis & Cathe Gavelek Way to go Max and family! You inspire us! $50.00
Team Michael S. Prigodich Way to go Max! Undisclosed
Team Kaitlin MacDonald Love you Max!!!!! I am so proud of you. I will be thinking of you and walking with you up in Newton! XOXO $25.00
Team The Costanzo Family Go Max!! $50.00
Team Max's friend AJ $25.00
Team Grandpa & Grandma So proud of you, Max. Looking forward to walking with you again this year. Love you to the moon and back! $100.00
Team Samantha & Jason Rodriguez GO MAX !!! Don't forget your FitBit !!! $20.00
Team Cheryl Prigodich Way to go, Max and the Amazing Races! I'm always thinking of you guys! Miss you all tons. $50.00
Team Ann McElroy Go Team Max ! $30.00
Team Greg Caponegro We are not going to lose this fight against Epilepsy. Max, keep on fighting. $25.00
Team Beth Mercier We will be out of the Country for the walk but will be with you in spirit. XOXO $100.00
Farwell, Carol Carol Farwell i registered as an individual instead of a team member. Could I please be added to Max:The Amazing Race. Thank you. Undisclosed
Farwell, Carol Doug Farwell Go carol Undisclosed
Race, Andrea Lisa Nightingale Go Max and The Amazing Race team! Undisclosed
Race, Andrea Doug Farwell Undisclosed

Team "Max: The Amazing Race " Members (24) (Includes family)
Name Walk, Run, or Ride Donations Received
Beaudoin, Linda (2) Walk $0.00
Conner, Donna (2) Walk $0.00
Farwell, Carol Run $0.00
Farwell, Melissa (3) Walk $0.00
Kelly, Erin (4) Walk $0.00
McElroy , Emily (3) Walk $0.00
Purdy, Sam Walk $0.00
Race, Andrea (2) Walk $0.00
Race, Kris-Ann (4) Walk $0.00
Race, Gail (2) Run $0.00

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