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Maddy's Marchers

This will be the 3rd year Maddy's Marchers have participated in this walk to raise Epilepsy awareness!

Maddy is our twelve year old daughter, who loves art, sports and hanging out with her friends.

It was shocking and scary when she had her first seizure out of no where a few years ago. After many tests, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. It was then we started researching and learning about the condition. EEGs, medications, break through seizures, memory loss, and other side affects have not been easy, especially on a child. But our Maddy will not let this diagnosis slow her down!

Her upbeat and positive nature affects all around her and her smile is contagious!

Please help Maddy reach her goal! She wants to raise funding and awareness for Epilepsy, which leaves so many unanswered questions.

Please donate TODAY!

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Team "Maddy's Marchers" Donations ($4,074.00)
Donated to Donor Name Donation Notes Amount
Rondon, Madeline Unity Hill United Church $514.00
Rondon, Madeline Ira $10.00
Rondon, Madeline Janine Cipollone Go Maddy! $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Lois Willis $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Marianne Lawther $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Monet Campbell $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Jen Meza $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Traci Cohen & Family Great job and awesome cause keep it up!! $20.00
Rondon, Madeline Nicole $20.00
Rondon, Madeline Sara Reyes $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Elizabeth Asani Good luck and God bless! $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Stop and Shop Trumbull; Matthe Good Luck Maddy! $75.00
Rondon, Madeline Laurel Thank Aunt Lala $20.00
Rondon, Madeline Angela Miller $15.00
Rondon, Madeline The Langton's Stay strong, Maddy! $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Greg Vangor $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Debra Ellis I read the article in the Record Journal and wanted to donate. My partner acquired epilepsy after a brain tumor 30 years ago so it has touched our lives. She has done well. This march is great. Good luck Madeline and God Bless. $10.00
Rondon, Madeline Laney Mulholland You are the best! $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Maddy's Friends Familes 😍 We're so proud of you Maddy!! 😘Love you 😘 $150.00
Rondon, Madeline Salem $10.00
Rondon, Madeline Uncle Chuckie and Aunt Vicki We are soo proud of you! 💜 $300.00
Rondon, Madeline Amy Howard Go Maddie!!! Very proud of you ❤ Undisclosed
Rondon, Madeline Cristian Rosales Good Luck Maddy! $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Justin & Lisa Lozza Good Luck Maddy $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Evelyn Kennedy Good luck Maddy👍You go girl❤️ $10.00
Rondon, Madeline Jenny Dos Santos Good luck!!! You are amazing!!! $40.00
Rondon, Madeline Old Towne Restaurant $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Patricia Kelly $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Jennifer Formoso Good luck Maddy! :) $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Terri $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Anna Maglione Buono God Bless you Maddy, So proud of you and the fight you are fighting...you are an inspiration to so many. $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Raymond Leone Best of luck love the Leone family $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Christine & Seth Good luck Maddy $20.00
Rondon, Madeline Julie Howes Good luck Maddy!! I'm so impressed by your efforts!! Great job!! $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Melissa Wallace Your amazing Maddy, keep it up xoxx $50.00
Rondon, Madeline M/M MICHAEL HOBEN keep smiling and walking Maddy our very best to you Joan and Mike $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Michael B Ganino Jr Best of luck. Donation in name of David P Ganino $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Stephanie Sullivan Good Luck Maddy! $15.00
Rondon, Madeline Meghan Hannigan Good luck! The Hannigan Family $250.00
Rondon, Madeline Kathleen McGee $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Pomponi Family Best of luck!! $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Annaliese Munson Good luck.we are very proud of you .....!!!! Gram $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Ricardo Perez Garcia âœŒï¸ $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Ludin Gonzalez Maddy, best of luck! $40.00
Rondon, Madeline Charles Munson $200.00
Rondon, Madeline Tokeneke Club Good Bless you Maddy! $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Jerry and Karen Goersch Good luck Maddy and Rondon family! My company, Ameriprise, will match our donation. $25.00
Rondon, Madeline D'ambrosio Family Good Luck on your walk Maddy!! $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Kelli Powell $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Leala Munson I love you Maddy! You are amazing! xoxoxo $100.00
Rondon, Madeline Heather Stramandinoli Best wishes to you all!!! $40.00
Rondon, Madeline Andrea Possidento Alex and I want you to know we are proud of you! $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Betsy & Harris Hester Good Luck Maddy and family $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Martha Workman Proud of you Maddy, wish I could help more! Maybe next year I can come walk with you $15.00
Rondon, Madeline Kustra family Maddy, you are doing a lot of good for many $40.00
Rondon, Madeline Danielle DiMeglio Go Maddy!! Xoxo $25.00
Rondon, Madeline The Mieras Family Go Maddy! So proud of all the great work you do! $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Kelly Grossarth $15.00
Rondon, Madeline Marcy and Tom Kelly Thank you for walking for a good cause! $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Nancy & Art Hooper You set a great example! $250.00
Rondon, Madeline Noreen Munson We love you and are so proud of you! $50.00
Rondon, Madeline Timothy Smith Good luck. $25.00
Rondon, Madeline Aarika Friend Good luck! $10.00

Team "Maddy's Marchers" Members (12) (Includes family)
Name Walk, Run, or Ride Donations Received
Campbell, Monet Walk $0.00
Fernous, Shannon (3) Walk $0.00
Munson, Noreen (2) Walk $0.00
Rondon, Madeline Walk $0.00
Rondon, Mandi (5) Walk $0.00

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